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With school out for the next six weeks, summer is officially upon us. While a previous post of ours focused on the summer favourite of picnics in the park, this post homes in on another kind of al fresco dining, one that involves grilling all types of meat in the back garden surrounded by friends and family.

Of course, as an online retailer of high quality preserves, we have numerous products available that are perfect to accompany a huge selection of meats, which is why we’ve put together a list of what we think should be sizzling on top of your barbecue this season!


Sausages are a must for any barbecue, whether meat or vegetarian. According to Barbecue Bible, a plump, garlicky sausage works best for outdoor cooking, and we can guarantee it’ll taste even better with a dollop of Newton & Pott’s Caramelised Red Onion Chutney on the side.


If you’re yet to try barbecued salmon, then you need to give it a go. Grilled fish is always a winner, but it tastes even better wrapped in foil and cooked on charcoal! For a more exotic taste, try pairing it with a spoonful of Grapefruit & Chilli Marmalade by Green Kitchen Preserves, a product that also works well with roasted vegetable skewers.


Steak is a firm favourite amongst the Heartisan team, particularly when barbecued and served with the Smoky Tomato Relish from Clare’s Preserves. Alternatively, for those who prefer a little spice, why not try the Hot Chilli Jam from What A Pickle!?


Whether you choose to go for breasts, thighs or even skewers, chicken is a barbeque right of passage. Springfield Kitchen’s Tomato & Chipotle Chutney is the perfect addition to barbecued chicken, providing a strong smoky flavour.

Whether hosting a small barbecue for just close family, a large party for numerous guests or cooking up dinner when camping, Heartisan Fine Foods has what’s needed to give your barbecued goods a little added zing!

If you do choose to try any of our recommended combinations, or perhaps put together some of your own, we’d love to hear about it. Did you know, you can even upload your own recipes using Heartisan Fine Foods’ products to our website? Just click here to share your culinary creations with our visitors!

Until next time,

The Heartisan Fine Foods team