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Founded in 1998 by Peter and Colleen Grove, 2018 marks two decades of National Curry Week celebrations, which will be running this year from 22 to 28 October.

Organised to celebrate the popularity of Indian cuisine in the UK as well as pay homage to some of the nation’s favourite dishes, National Curry Week not only raises the profile of much-loved curry-related snacks and meals, but also celebrates the UK’s incredibly diverse culture. The week also proves successful in fundraising, with any proceeds raised going to several poverty-focused charities.

While both korma and tikka masala are popular dishes across the UK, this is a week to celebrate all dishes of Indian descent, not only those that are favoured, and although we never require an excuse to tuck into a banquet of Asian dishes, National Curry Week gives us the perfect reason to do so.

From snacks and preserves to meals and recipes, there’s many ways we can enjoy National Curry Week 2018, here’s a few ideas:

  • Make a homemade curry

While it’s arguably easier to order a curry and save on the cooking, making your own homemade dish gives you the opportunity to be more creative and incorporate some less traditional ingredients. Foods such as coconut, orange, beetroot and even egg are becoming increasingly popular in curry recipes, so why not try something new and whip up a unique and innovative dish?

  • Order a takeaway

In true English style, it wouldn’t be National Curry Week if we didn’t enjoy a no-nonsense (aka no washing up) Indian takeaway. With the UK home to an estimated 35,000 curry houses, you won’t be short on choice when deciding which restaurant to order your Indian-inspired feast from!

  • Host a curry-inspired party

Food is often at the centre of a friendly gathering, so National Curry Week offers the perfect chance to join with your loved ones and enjoy the tastes of India. Whether you choose to make your own or order in, a curry-inspired party can be enjoyed by all.

  • Visit your local curry house

While dining in can be cosy and requires far less effort, National Curry Week is the ideal time get dressed up and head out for the evening. As most curry houses are independently owned, booking in to your local Indian restaurant not only promises some tasty grub, but it also supports a local business, as well as the industry as a whole.

  • Create curry-inspired snacks

If you’re not into eating a heavy curry as your evening meal, why not incorporate some curry-related products into your daily snacks? Some warmed up naan breads dipped in our delicious Mango Salsa Chutney or a few poppadums alongside our Keralan Inspired Plantain & Coconut Chutney could be a tasty addition to your lunch or enjoyed as a standalone snack.

However you choose to enjoy it, we believe there’s no better meal to tuck into on a cold (and most probably wet) October evening, so be sure to join in the celebrations and enjoy a curry (or five) throughout the 22 to 28 October 2018.

Until next time,

The Heartisan Fine Foods team