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Veganuary – the UK charity encouraging people to try a vegan diet for the month of January, was founded in January 2014 and has since encouraged thousands to start their year with a 31-day diet free from animal products.

While Veganuary is certainly a popular time for vegan products to be flying off the shelves, it has been reported that over 500,000 British adults practise veganism year-round (, which is why we offer a range of the UK’s finest vegan products.

Recently added to our collection are a range of vegan-friendly crackers from Cru8 Foods.  As well as containing no animal products, these crackers are also gluten and sugar free, making them a super healthy snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Available in three flavours including Tomato and Red Pepper, Rosemary, and Cracked Pepper and Chia Seed, a simple dip or chutney is all that’s required to create a scrumptious vegan snack. Similarly, the Munchable Multiseed Crackers and Munchable Multiseed Dippers from Most Marvellous Baking are both vegan friendly and gluten free.

Ideal as a dip or topping for any cracker, is our range of vegan-friendly chutneys and jams, which includes numerous options from Rugby-based Springfield Kitchen and Shropshire-founded What A Pickle. Products include:

For those in need of a sugar fix, we also carry a selection of vegan-friendly sweet treats including humbugs and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate flavours include Isle of Skye Sea Salt, Cold Brew Coffee, Colombian and Gin and Tonic and the humbugs are available in Passion Fruit Mojito, Raspberry Prosecco, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mulled Wine flavours.

While the chocolate is handcrafted by the professionals at Coco Chocolatier, the alcohol-infused humbugs are the brainchild of confectionary professionals Holly’s Lollies (and we think both are delicious).

The final products in our vegan range are great for adding a touch of citrus to morning oats or vegan scones. Both the Lime Marmalade and the Seville Orange & Vanilla Marmalade are from Springfield Kitchen and are ideal for a vegan diet.

With so many options now available, it’s great that those following an animal product free diet are able to do so without too much hassle. Have you ever tried Veganuary?

Until next time,

The Heartisan Fine Foods team