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Finding and preparing the perfect snack can be a tricky business – you don’t want to eat so much that you’re too full for your next meal, but you need something substantial enough to curb that craving and give you an immediate fix. That’s why we’ve put together our top four fridge essentials that ensure you can fix yourself a tasty snack, anytime.

  1. Cold meats

Cold meats such as ham, turkey, sliced chicken, salami, pastrami and chorizo are great ingredients to have on hand when looking to create a quick snack and, depending on the meats you reach for, can often be quite healthy too!

While cold meats can be enjoyed individually, we tend to jazz ours up a little by popping them on crackers or adding a spread of chutney to them. Here’s the Heartisan Fine Foods products we’d recommend to pair with a cold meat selection:

  1. Cheeses

Having a selection of your favourite cheeses within arm’s reach can make snack preparation super easy. Again, cheese is a fine choice for topping crackers, or can be enjoyed alongside some tasty preserves. Here’s what we’d recommend:

  1. Prepared Vegetables

Sliced/chopped vegetables such as peppers, cucumber, celery and tomatoes (ok, so prepared fruit too!) are a super healthy way to get through the day and are even tastier when dipped into some of our gorgeous preserves. Why not give these a try?

  1. Bread

As the carbohydrate of choice for many, bread should be a key staple in any kitchen and is one of the most versatile food choices when it comes to making a snack. From toast and sandwiches to wraps and pitta pockets – bread in any form is a must-have for any snack-lover.

When opting for something a little more filling such a bacon roll or ham sandwich, try spreading a dollop of Springfield Kitchen’s Hot Chilli and Garlic Pickle on it for an extra kick. Alternatively, a slice of toast topped with one of our fantastic jams or marmalades offers the perfect mix of savoury and sweet. Our recommendations are:

Whatever your go-to snack is, we offer a wide range of accompaniments that can add an extra flavour, which will you try first?

Until next time,

The Heartisan Fine Foods team

P.S. Other products we recommend keeping for when you’re feeling peckish are boiled eggs, olives, salad greens and pickles!