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Scottish Rapeseed Honey

SKU: 301803 By: Moid Raw Honey Co.

Raw Rapeseed Honey is a great source of Vitamins and minerals. Rapeseed Honey crystallizes very fast and hard due to its water content.

Moid’s Rapeseed Honey has been churned and has a buttery texture. This way you can enjoy it every morning on your toast or even use it as a simple face mask. It is very smooth and pale and toffee-like flavour.  That is why it is very popular with kids.

Did you know you can use honey as a part of your 5 a day? It contains all the necessary microelements and vitamins for your healthy diet and is rich in simple sugars that are necessary for your daily energy input.


Botanical name of plant: Brassica napus

Sensory description:

Colour: greyish to pale white when fully crystalized

Aroma: floral – delicate with a hint of a smell of fields in the spring.

The intensity of smell: light

Flavour: low. Toffie like almost fudgy. Due to the fact that this is churned honey, it has a texture similar to soft set caramel.

Crystallisation: Rape honey crystallises very fast in less than 25 degrees C.

You can always de-crystalise your honey by submerging jar in hot yet not boiling water and let both cool down. This way you are malting the honey but do not pasteurise it.

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