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Many of the products on offer at Heartisan Fine Foods have their own unique backstory, it’s one of the many reasons we love them so much!

From sourcing the gin needed to infuse Clare’s Preserves’ Pink Exmoor Marmalade, to finding the perfect blend of ingredients for Newton & Pott’s Mango Salsa Chutney, each of our suppliers has worked hard to curate some of the finest artisan tastes in the UK, and the Keralan Inspired Plantain & Coconut Chutney from Springfield Kitchen is no exception.

As a Northamptonshire-based artisan producer, founders of Springfield Kitchen, Kevin and Lisa, had to venture a little further afield to experience the tastes and culture that inspired the unique recipe for this particular product.

Back in January 2017, Kevin and Lisa took a trip to India, the state of Kerala in South India to be precise. As a pair of food enthusiasts, the local cuisines were of great interest to them, and, despite having never tasted plantain (or cooked banana as it’s more commonly known in the UK) before, the pair enjoyed the delicacy many times on their trip. This is where they found the first ingredient for their alternative chutney.

Coconut was soon added to the recipe as it’s used extensively in Keralan cuisine and grows almost everywhere. The final key ingredient is an infusion of spices and was discovered by the pair on their visit to a spice plantation in Munnar – a small town located in the hills of Kerala. Famed for its culinary spices and peppers, Munnar introduced Kevin and Lisa to cardamoms and pepper vines, which perfectly complete the list of ingredients for their unique chutney recipe.

While many of the products featured on Heartisan Fine Foods have their own individual story, there’s few as exotic as this. Enjoyed primarily with cold meats such as homecooked ham or used as a pickle for your poppadums, this chutney adds the ideal Indian-inspired kick to any meal or snack.

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