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Finding the ultimate cracker for your post-supper snack can be a challenge and may change depending on what luxurious toppings you plan on having that evening. But having a few staple crackers in your cupboard is good way to ensure you’ve always got the perfect base for whatever combination you fancy.

Highland Crackers’ small but perfectly formed selection is a great place to start. Offering four different flavours including Original, Original Seeded, Cumin Seeded and Chilli Seeded (all of which can be bought online here), it’s difficult to think of a topping that wouldn’t sit well with one of these delicious homemade crackers.

However, as one of the more tricky ones to top, we’re focusing on the Chilli Seeded Crackers, exploring new and exciting ways in which to turn these tasty treats into a divine late-night nibble that’s bursting with flavour!

  • Cheese

Cheese is a given for crackers, and those of the chilli seeded variety can taste exquisite when paired with the correctly-chosen cheese, but it’s important to be careful with your cheese choice when it comes to this particular savoury snack. We wouldn’t recommend a cheese that’s too strong otherwise the vibrant chilli flavour may clash, but it’s also important not to opt for a cheese that’s too bland as it could be overpowered by the chilli.

Instead we recommend searching for a happy medium – a mild soft and creamy cheddar that can withhold the heat of the cracker, without damaging the flavour of the cheese.

Adding a sweet topping to a fiery cracker often results in the perfect blend of sweet and heat – and that’s exactly what this combination does. A creamy cheese (as mentioned above) could also join the combo if you’re looking for something a little more filling!

While adding an Indian-inspired sauce to an already-hot cracker may seem a little unusual, it’s a sure-fire win for those who prefer an uber spicy taste. Cold meats such as turkey or chicken are also a great addition to detract from the spice if you’re finding it just that little bit too hot!

  • Soup

While it’s not a cracker topping and isn’t likely to be enjoyed as a snack, the Chilli Seeded Crackers taste great with a variety of soups! Croutons may be the traditional bread-based additive to your hearty homemade soup, but a fiery cracker dipped in or crushed up works just as well (if not better) for bringing both some added flavour and texture!

However you choose to enjoy them, the Chilli Seeded Crackers are a great go-to if you like a little spice. As ever, we’re always intrigued to know what you’d pair with our products, so do get in touch if you have any ideas for toppings or accompaniments of your own!

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The Heartisan Fine Foods team