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The delightful combination of carrot and coriander isn’t a recent revelation, with carrot and coriander soup being a firm favourite among food lovers for many years now. However, it seems the potential of this popular mix of ingredients has only recently been realised, as chefs and brands experiment with a number of recipes using the flavours.

Over the last few years a whole range of dishes using carrot and coriander have been discovered, from salads and fritters to sausages, burgers and bhajis (just to name a few), many of which are both vegan and coeliac-friendly.

Noticing the trend, Shropshire-based artisan producer Camilla, who founded the What A Pickle! company, was inspired to experiment with the core ingredients, resulting in the discovery of the flavoursome and fruity Carrot and Coriander Relish, which has now joined the exquisite product line offered by What A Pickle!

Combining sweet fresh fruits such as oranges and apricots with savoury flavours including carrot, onion and coriander, this relish acts as the perfect accompaniment to cold meats and cheese (it would also work great with our Ploughman’s Lunch recipe). For use with a warmer dish, pop it on top of a jacket potato alongside a splashing of mayonnaise or can even be paired with curry to add a discreet sweet kick.

Suitable for both vegans and coeliacs, this is a relish that can be enjoyed by all.

Have you come across any other weird and wonderful carrot and coriander recipes? If so, we’d love to hear about them!

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