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LioBites are freeze-dried fruit crisps and freeze-dried smoothie bites. Created by a mum searching for a healthy snack for her children. The ripest and sweetest fruit is picked in season and freeze-dried to retain most of the nutrients and vitamins.

LioBites are delicious, naturally sweet and count as 1 of 5 a day, ideal every day healthy snacks for adults and children. Our packs fit perfectly in a lunch box, gym bag or handbag. Packed in colourful bags with eye catching designs, LioBites stand out on the shelves.

Our single packs are perfect as an impulse purchase to satisfy hunger or cravings or to add all different flavours of LioBites to your weekly shop.

Liobites are also a perfect on the go snack for busy commuters, while traveling or a quick energy fix.