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Friar’s Farm

Northamptonshire-based Friar’s Farm is the brainchild of founder and owner Steve, aka ‘Big Chief Chutney’. Combining his passion for reasonably-priced, good quality produce with his love for the old-fashioned way of preserving and making food, Friar’s Farm has developed into a successful preserve producer, well-known within its local community (which happens to be ours too)!

Working with Rachel, aka ‘the sane one of the team’, Steve has spent years perfecting his original recipes, creating bespoke preserves that can’t be found elsewhere. With no artificial colourings or preservatives, Friar’s Farm offers an extensive range of homemade, natural produce, as well as contains a number of locally-sourced ingredients. Made in small batches to retain the quality and flavour of the elements, the preserves made by Friar’s Farm are the definition of high quality, homemade produce.