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Coco Chocolatier

Established in 2004, C Chocolatier has been producing small batches of contemporary chocolate using the world’s finest cocoa. Situated in Edinburgh, Scotland, Coco Chocolatier takes pride in its process and places emphasis on fully understanding the chocolate ecosystem to ensure it produces only the finest chocolate products.

Working closely with its Colombian partners, Coco Chocolatier maintains complete traceability throughout its chocolate production, guaranteeing optimum quality products and ensuring ethical and sustainable methods throughout.

Famed for its ability to excite, stimulate and inspire, Coco’s uncompromising attention to detail is reflected in its exquisitely designed packaging. Collaborating with local and international artists including Mari Campistron, Stephen Smith, Rachael Hood and Palefroi, Coco’s packaging is truly one-of-a-kind, just like its chocolate!