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Moid Raw Honey Co.

Moid Raw Honey Co. is an independent, family owned business that has been producing rare, high quality raw honey for over 60 years. They have recently erected new hives on their bee farm in Perthshire, near Blackford and we are lucky enough to be able to offer honey from their first ever harvest.

All Moid honey is sourced from their own apiaries with sustainability at the forefront of the operation. Raw honey is different as it has not been processed in any way. Moid honey is simply collected, filtered through muslin cloth and jarred. This helps to maintain the natural taste and nutritional goodness within the honey. Although the anti-oxidant levels in raw honey is variable, the heat from the pasteurisation process can reduce the levels by 1/3.

Here at Heartisan Fine Foods we pride ourselves on minimising our impact on the environment and we are so pleased to see Moid’s Values and efforts are very much aligned with our own. Moid are equally committed to doing their bit for the planet by packing their products in locally recycled materials that is 100% plastic free. They also promote beekeeping traditions by creating new beehive families and carrying out educational activities.