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British Food Fortnight is an annual, two-weekly event, which is held every autumn to celebrate British-made food and drink. Since its establishment in 2002, it has grown considerably and is now the largest national celebration of its kind. Recognised by those within the industry as well as many others, British Food Fortnight helps create exposure for a number of food events, projects and initiatives.

Here at Heartisan Fine Foods we are passionate about buying British, which is why we choose to work with small, independent producers that make a conscious effort to use locally-grown produce and ingredients within their recipes.

But why should we buy British?

As a British consumer, there are several economic, social and environmental benefits to buying British produce, including:

  • Supporting the British economy through the entire food chain – from farmer to retailer
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of your food (as the produce has less miles to travel)
  • Increasing UK employment opportunities
  • Ensuring the goods you purchase are produced in excellent labour conditions with environmentally-safe practises
  • Consuming food that meet British food standards – some of the most rigorous food standards in the world

So, how can you help raise awareness of British Food Fortnight and support buying British? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Opt for locally-brewed alcohol when having a drink at the pub
  • Hold a ‘Taste of Britain’ evening for your family and friends cooking traditional British dishes using British-only produce
  • Shop more at your local butchers, bakers and farm shops
  • Always read the label and research the origin of what you’re buying
  • Pick your own fruit/vegetables
  • Grow your own fruit/vegetables (this is how some of our suppliers got into making tasty preserves)!

Making just one small change to your shopping habits could help support British farmers, food producers and retailers as well as the economy.

Until next time,

The Heartisan Fine Foods team