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Last week we wrote about one of our more interesting products – the Mango Salsa Chutney by Newton & Pott, which perfectly combines two classic sauce recipes to create one unique and tasty preserve.

While delving in deeper to the ingredients and process of this exclusive creation, it got us thinking about the history of chutney – where it came from and how it’s changed over the years. As it turns out, it’s experienced quite the transformation since it was first discovered!

Originating in India, the concept of chutney dates back as far as 500 BC and involves the process of combining fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic and onions with Asian-inspired spices such as turmeric and cumin (plus a few nuts).

While the original recipe was created to preserve fresh ingredients and reduce wastage, the great taste of the discovery meant it was soon used to make plainer foods more interesting. As it became more popular, the ingredients were often adapted to ensure its colourings were complimentary to the foods it was being served with and this is when the different variations of chutney began to form.

Over the past 2,000+ years, the recipe for chutney has been drastically adapted/amended to suit different tastes, cultures and trends. After being adopted first by the Romans and then by the British, the preserve in its most common form now skims the line between Indian and British cuisine, sometimes incorporating fruits as well as vegetables.

Here at Heartisan Fine Foods we offer a range of more than 10 chutneys, however this only touches the surface of the amount of different chutneys available today. From coconut, coriander and apple and fig, to tomato, onion and beetroot, this ancient-old preserve is continually adapted to suit the desires of every culture and every market.

If you’re interested in trying a variety of chutneys, or perhaps you fancy adding just one you’re yet to try to your tasting palette, here’s a list of the chutneys available from Heartisan Fine Foods:

Don’t forget to also check out our other preserves within the chutney family. We have a range of piccalillis, chilli jams and salsas available.

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