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Here at Heartisan Fine Foods, we’re passionate about doing our bit for the environment, which is why we keep our packaging as recyclable as possible. But recycling isn’t the only way to make use of leftover packaging, with the art of upcycling becoming increasingly popular.

Following just a bit of research, we’ve found plenty of fun ways to get even more out of your Heartisan Fine Foods’ purchase by making the most of your empty jars. Here’s a few we came across:

1 .Make tealight hangings

Once you’ve saved up enough empty jars, making a cute tealight hanging or table decoration couldn’t be easier! Simply pop a tealight (it could be battery-operated or solar-powered if preferred) inside the jar, use some string to hang it up and voila – a pretty addition to your summer garden or dining table!

Hanging Jar

2. Use as a vase

This hack couldn’t be simpler. Just pop some cut flowers in the jar and decorate with a piece of lace to add a little colour to your windowsill or mantlepiece.

3. Create a date ideas jar

If you’re ever stuck for date ideas for you and your other half – why not create a jar full of different fun activities to do? Simply write out some date ideas such as going to the cinema or visiting a museum onto lollipop sticks (you can even use different colour sticks to represent different budgets) and next time you’re stuck for what to do, just grab one! This could also be great as a creative and low-cost present for your partner!

4. Use to serve drinks

Empty jars make for great tumblers – so next time you whip up a crazy cocktail, bowl of Pimms punch or thick milkshake, why not serve it in a jar with a statement straw? For a little decoration, you could also tie some ribbon around it.

5. Make overnight oats

Overnight oats is a breakfast sensation that’s taken the UK by storm. Prepare in the evening by adding rolled oats and yoghurt along with your choice of fruit and seeds to the jar and leave in the fridge overnight to set. When you wake up, you’ll not only have a tasty breakfast ready and waiting, but it’ll be a stylish one too!

Overnight Oats

6. Use as a cutlery holder

Make your cutlery easier to grab with this simple hack. Just place your knives, forks and spoons into jars (either mixed together or have a jar for each), decorate with ribbon or lace and pop on your kitchen side for fashionable and functional cutlery storage!

7. Use to store ingredients

If you’re ever struggling to find somewhere to store leftover dried foods such as flour, sugar, pasta or rice, then popping them into a suitably-sized jar could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Not only does this keep the ingredients looking tidy, but it also makes it really easy to find what you need!

If you’re feeling brave enough to attempt some DIY, why not screw your jar lids to the underneath of a shelf to optimise storage space? Just be sure to use two screws for extra security!

Ingredient Storage

As it turns out, empty jars have all kinds of uses and these are only a handful of those we discovered!

Happy upcycling!

Until next time,

The Heartisan Fine Foods team