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“When people think of chutney, they instantly think of cheeseboards and Ploughman’s, but the reality is that there’s so much more you can do with it!”

– Steve Reid, Friars Farm

As a partnership that was founded decades ago, apple and fig is a combination loved for its fruity yet spiced tones. Featured in a variety of recipes, it’s common to find this blend of flavours in everything from compotes and custards to tarts and breakfast loaves!

More traditionally though, the flavours are regularly enjoyed in the form of a chutney, and (in our opinion) there’s no Apple & Fig Chutney that’s better than the carefully curated recipe from Northamptonshire-based Friar’s Farm.

Friars Farm is run by husband and wife team Steve and Rachel, a duo who are passionate about the old-fashioned way of preserving and making food at home. When it comes to recipes, Steve’s motto is to keep them ‘simple but effective’ – intrigued by this, we visited the Friars Farm kitchen last month to find out exactly how to integrate the Apple & Fig Chutney into easy-to-make dishes.

A favourite with the team and one that couldn’t be any simpler was the savoury apple and fig pastry cases. Simply fill bought (or homemade if you’re feeling confident) savoury pastry cases with a generous helping of Apple & Fig Chutney, before grating a small amount of strong cheese on top and popping in the oven until the cheese melts. Living up to Steve’s ‘simple but effective’ slogan, we were surprised by how easy it was to make such a tasty and warming treat!

Another quick and easy recipe we loved was the Apple & Fig Chutney stuffed apples, who would of known that adding more apple into the mix could work so well?! Simply core and fill with lashings of Apple & Fig Chutney before placing the stuffed apples in the oven until their piping hot. For extra sweetness, considering topping with a drizzle of golden syrup or honey!

Visiting Friars Farm gave us the opportunity to see how true artisan curators can turn traditional recipes into something far more impressive. None of the recipes we tried were complicated, but we can vouch that they certainly were tasty!

If you’ve discovered any new and exciting ways to make your favourite chutneys into fast and easy-to-make recipes, then we’d love to hear your ideas! Simply visit our be inspired page and upload your recipe, so that others can enjoy it too!

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The Heartisan Fine Foods team